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The female period is still considered a taboo subject in many areas of society 

Whether at work, at school, at university, in your free time, in a hotel, when traveling by plane, ship or train, in a restaurant or in a club or public building, there are almost nowhere suitable solutions for women in such a situation.

Peach Germany has known these challenges for years and has set itself the goal of providing all women with needs-based solutions during their periods. More and more value is being placed on the fact that women should no longer be disadvantaged because of this natural gender-specific difference.

In most cases, a woman's period comes suddenly and unexpectedly for various reasons, and more and more responsible employers, hotels and public institutions have recognized that a suitable solution must be available for these cases.

Scotland was the first country in the EU to enact a corresponding law for all public institutions, and large international corporations are also starting to think and act in a new way. They have also taken steps worldwide to offer their female employees an uncomplicated period solution.

No woman should be disadvantaged in public life because of this natural biological matter.

Let us advise you and together, we will find the ideal solution for your situation so that your female employees, visitors and guests 

are well looked after. You will only get positive feedback!



Starting with the layout of the handy packaging, which does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the content, through the individually designed dispensers for our customers to the high-quality and sustainable products Made in Germany, we offer needs-based and convenient solutions for all areas of life.

Among other things, you can choose between: 

  • Single pack with 2 pads regular
  • Single pack with 2 or 4 tampons regular
  • Combination pack with 2 regular tampons and 1 regular pad
  • Each optionally with a wet wipe and/or hygiene bag

 In addition, if required, individual dispenser systems for free removal of the products

 Layout designed according to customer requirements or neutral

 We would be happy to develop an individual solution for your specific needs. 


You can find our products with dispensers in many areas and restrooms for women restrooms:

  • in (large) companies
  • at hotels and even as stylish amenities in hotel rooms
  • in government buildings, banks and insurance companies
  • in clubs, discotheques and restaurants
  • in gyms, swimming pools and sports clubs
  •  in planes, trains and ships

Last, but not least, our high-quality products together with your logo are also an effective marketing tool and thus a win-win situation for all parties

All dispensers and products with customer layout if desired


Female Hygiene Solutions 

Made in Germany 

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